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What’s More Effective: Facials or Aesthetic Treatments?

If you already go for facials at least once a month, you will know why you love them.

First, while you may wash your face every day, you may not be thoroughly deep cleansing your skin and unclogging your pores – something that a facial may be better at doing since it involves cleansing, exfoliation and steaming. 

Also, most facials generally use a few (or even many) of your favourite skincare brand’s signature products which means that your skin gets many times the TLC, compared to your pared-down cleanse-tone-moisturise routine at home. 

Plus, facials target specific concerns with specially designed steps. So, for instance, if you have sensitive skin, your therapist may use a soothing mask on you. If you have slightly sagging skin, she may do a lifting face massage for you. 

And the best thing is you can sit back, relax and even doze off while the professionals do all the work for you. Talk about making good use of #metime.

So, if you already do facials regularly, is there a spot for aesthetic treatments in your skincare regimen? 

Aesthetic treatments actually go a few steps beyond where facials can go. Some are administered only by doctors and they generally involve the use of specialised, hi-tech machines that target more “serious” skincare concerns. But unlike plastic surgery procedures, most aesthetic treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive, and require little to no downtime. 

For example, a facial may brighten up dull, tired-looking skin but only an aesthetic treatment like Genesis’s Clarifix can disintegrate melanin deposits found in stubborn pigmentation like freckles, acne marks and age spots. It does this by using light high energy pulses.

Likewise, a lifting facial massage can make your skin appear firmer and more taut but if you have a sagging face and neck, the minimally invasive Genesis’s Thread Lift uses surgical suture threads to give skin a subtle lift. 

Think of facials as your regular vitamins for easy maintenance and aesthetic treatments as a doctor’s consultations when you have a more serious concern and need more in-depth help and advice. Both complement each other and can work together to help you achieve healthier skin and a more youthful appearance over time. 

At Genesis Aesthetics clinic, we have launched the new Hydro Face Spa which can be done on its own as a facial or done with the clinic’s signature aesthetic treatments. 

Hydro Face Spa is a pampering 90-minute facial treatment that is ideal for anyone with skin that looks unhealthy and tired from everyday stressors like pollution and sun exposure. 

To slow down and prevent signs of ageing and environmental damage – think fine lines, dry and dull skin, an uneven skin tone – it uses various technologies like hydradermabrasion and an ultrasonic scrubber, RF with LED light therapy and nano-misting. In addition, Hydro Face Spa uses products like the H.A. Remodelling Mask and Lingzhi Ultrasound Infusion to moisturise, firm up and brighten skin.

You can pair Hydro Face Spa with a Genesis aesthetic treatment like Illuminesse, a dual-yellow laser treatment that reduces the appearance of melasma and freckles and also treats dull and uneven skin tones. 

If your concern is more of droopy facial contours, have Hydro Face Spa with Pro Contour which uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and sharpen contours. 

This way, you get the best of both worlds.

To find out more about NOVU treatments and products, call our hotline at +65 6256 1218 or Whatsapp us at 9481-5752.

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