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Ways to get rid of the post-CNY indulgence

The recent Chinese New Year feasting has probably gotten us feeling bloated and sluggish. In fact, one survey has shown that 45 per cent of people gain an average of 1.7kg during CNY!

Now that the festive season is over, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of the post-CNY bulge on  and how to get your V-shaped face back — without breaking a sweat. From trying out Internet hacks for quick weight loss workouts, to embarking upon faddish crash diets, there seems to be a million tips and tricks to shed those fats. However, these sketchy, anecdotal methods often do little to yield lasting results.

So why not turn to medically-approved, science-backed treatments that actually get rid of the pineapple tart binge-induced weight gain? From injectables that freezes and tightens muscles, to skin-tightening technology to tone and firm, there’s a bespoke treatment plan for all your #shapeup goals at NOVU:

1. An extra boost

The K-SKIN BOOSTER is an effective anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment that sees radiating skin after doing a session. Using an intensive Hyaluronic Acid based-solution that has undergone a stabilisation process to make it last longer in our body’s system, micro-injections are used to deliver the solution into the deeper layers of the skin. The treatment improves our skin quality and hydrobalance, providing continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times of the Hyaluronic Acid molecules’ weight in water. 

2. contour couture

NOVU’s Active Body Contouring Gel tones, firms and sculpts your body with fat busting and anti-oxidising properties. Made with Artichoke leaf extract that enhances metabolism and Algae extract loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish and moisturise your skin, as well as improve blood circulation.

3. Sculpt this way

Also known as Botox, this injectable treatment freezes muscles to help relax facial features, reducing fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet by injecting directly into the muscle. It also helps to contour your face to get that much sought after V-shped face, allowing your face to look slimmer and smaller. 

As we age, the skin does not produce enough collagen to keep it supple and elastic, thinning the skin to form wrinkles. External factors such as sun exposure also speeds up these aging signs. 

Small dosages are injected into the muscles, creating a blockage for the muscles to contract. This will lead to the tightening of muscles, which flattens the skin, leaving the skin smooth and wrinkle-free. 

Now that we’ve provided a game plan for svelte silhouette, call 6256-1218 to find out more about the slimming treatments and product. 

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