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Hydrocleanse -
The only cleanse you need

Known for its fuss-free, high-results ethos when it comes to aesthetics treatments, NOVU Aesthetics steps onboard the hydrogen craze, unveiling their new, fuss-free and effective treatment – HydroCleanse. 

HydroCleanse is a water resurfacing, multi-action treatment that combines hydradermabrasion, and hydrogen infusion  in a treatment.

To put it in simple terms, the treatment will cleanse, exfoliate & extract the impurities accumulated in your face. At the same time, it also infuses hydrogen ions along with active-rich serums deep into the skin. 

HOw does hydrocleanse work?

Often known as a hydradermabrasion, this treatment employs a vortex (water and vacuum) effect to remove stubborn impurities, dead skin & clogged sebum in your pores. Combining water and vacuum carefully tweaked according to your skin sensitivity, this action completely lifts off any remaining dirt left, thoroughly cleansing the pores.

Step 1: Cleanse and suction

The first step of hydrocleanse is the removal of dead cells and impurities in the skin. This step is important to have before moving on to replenish the skin with hydrogen to hydrate the skin. 

Step 2: Hydration and Recharge

After clearing the skin from impurities, replenishment of hydration and nourishment of  skin with antioxidant is done. 

Although cost is always a deciding factor for skin treatments, the most important decision is choosing the right treatment for your skin problem. Being a gentle, safe, natural & painless treatment, HydroCleanse can be tailored with your NOVU lasers to suit your individual skin goals. At NOVU, we want our patients to tryout the treatment at a trial price before committing long term. 

HydroCleanse trials start at $48 (inclusive of GST). Feel free to enquire with our friendly aesthetics consultant now.