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The Best Treatment for Eczema

Get to know the flash of rainbow light treatment which makes your eczema disappear

Tired of staring at the sun and yet not seeing your eczema fade away? It’s time to ditch the sun and immerse yourself in the array of lights which are actually useful for eczema and psoriasis. The only form of rays that is present in natural sunlight which is beneficial for your skin is ultraviolet B (UVB), however your skin more than that for a complete skin recovery.

Causes of Eczema

Eczema is caused by a combinations of factors which mainly include abnormal functioning of the immune system and genetics. Over-reactive immune system results in inflammation when triggered by external substances, which leads to common symptoms of eczema such as red, itchy and painful skin. For some individuals, eczema is often due to a mutation of the gene which is responsible creating filaggrin which is a protein that aids in building a strong skin barrier.



Phototherapy gives your skin quadruple benefits by using different types of light wavelengths with different indications targeting four different skin concerns all at once. Phototherapy utilizes a special machine to emit certain types of ultraviolet (UV) lights to treat eczema.

Green light to lighten your skin

With a wavelength of 532nm, the green light targets the melanocytes responsible for forming pigments, located beneath the skin surface, thereby aiding in suppressing melanin production. This helps in lightening any dark spots on the skin, addressing any pigmentation issues adding colour to your skin.

Yellow light to reduce skin redness

With a wavelength of 583nm, which is ideal for sensitive skin, the yellow light works in reducing skin redness, eases facial flushing and reduces appearance of spider veins on the face.

Blue light to combat acne

With a wavelength of 423nm, blue light produces singlet oxygen in PP-9, which is toxic to acne causing bacteria, thereby effectively controlling acne population and any acne related infections.

Red light to regenerate collagen

With a wavelength of 640nm, red light stimulates collagen production through targeting the cells beneath the skin’s surface and regenerating skin cells.


Phototherapy is not only good for your skin. Beaming rays of light on yourself lifts you emotionally as well. On top of aiding in skin diseases, light therapy assists in alleviating psychological disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression. Negative emotions and feelings associated with mental fatigue, irritable temper and suicidal thoughts are tackled with phototherapy as these symptoms are a reaction towards your body’s exposure to lack of natural light.  

Tempted to soak your skin in these plethora of lights? NOVU’s Glimmer PDT is a dynamic phototherapy treatment that utilizes all the four different lights: green light to lighten your skin, yellow light to reduce skin redness, blue light to combat acne and red light to regenerate collagen. Ready to shine in this one-stop light treatment? Click here to find out more! 


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