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Soak your skin in Lingzhi and reap skincare benefits

We all love mushrooms in our pizzas and pastas, but do you know apart from that, this fungi has great benefits not only for your health, but your skin as well? Research has shown that with it’s anti-inflammatory properties, mushrooms can aid in improving skin problems like eczema and acne.

Today, we introduce you to the multiple benefits of this potent medicinal mushroom: Lingzhi. Having long hailed as a super herb by practitioners of traditional chinese medicine for over 2000 years, a renowned herbalist in the 16th century had described it as a herb that boosts longevity and has other anti-ageing effects.

Top 3 Medicinal Herbs about Lingzhi

Lingzhi stimulates your immune system, which helps to enhance your overall health making you less prone to all kinds of infections and allergies. It works by promoting increasing the activity of white blood cells in your body.

Because of it’s beta-glucans properties, Lingzhi has complex sugars that research suggests it may prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. A number of studies have shown promise for a variety of cancer-related therapies. Research from a 2008 study has shown  that the active components of Lingzhi combined with green tea may inhibit tumour growth.

This mushroom is filled with triterpenes, which helps to prevent hypertension and aids in relieving one’s allergy symptoms.

Apart from these health benefits this mushroom has, Lingzhi mushrooms have been shown to be able to reduce stress and regenerate one’s liver.

Lingzhi in Skincare

Lingzhi has a high concentration of beta glucans, which is a type of sugar that is not produced naturally. Beta-glucans, or β-Glucans, as it is commonly known, is the most talked-about ingredient in Korean beauty for its all-round anti-ageing benefits.

Lingzhi mushrooms have inflammation-reducing properties, which targets to soothe and heal skin with blemishes/acne. Besides, they can help in not giving you smooth skin, but also gives your skin that boost and protection against all kind of skin issues you might face. (for eg: acne)

In addition, because of its strong antioxidant and deep hydration capabilities, it can help to reduce any forms of unwanted fine lines on your skin, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

The number of benefits given by this fungi are astonishing, what’s more, with it’s natural detoxification properties,they can mediate all the functions in your body.


Lift your skin with NOVU’S LINGZHI Superlift Treatment

NOVU’s in-house R&D team has designed a doctor-approved treatment that maximises the efficacy and penetration of bio-active Beta Glucans in Lingzhi. This treatment utilises high pulsed light (the use of intense light therapy) to activate your skin in producing more collagen, together with iontophoresis to deliver our lingzhi serum deep into the layers of your skin.

Benefits of Beta Glucans

  • Healing properties with re-epithelialization which helps in post-laser care
  • Collagen Regeneration which reduces appearance any forms of fine lines, and restores skin elasticity
  • Hydration Boost that improves skin texture
  • Anti-oxidative properties that reduce any form of photo-ageing, as well as skin cell renewal

As you may already heard of, “Ageing is a fact, looking your age is not.” This powerful fungus is perfect if your skin needs an instant lift with brightening and overall rejuvenation, LINGZHI Superlift is our latest treatment introduced as part of the NOVU skin superfood series. You will feel a slight warm sensation on your skin during the treatment, but fret not, it’s extremely comfortable and soothing to your skin. Reap instant benefits like hydration, firmness and elasticity for your skin, and and cell renewal.  

Can’t wait to feed your skin with goodness from this super skinfood? Feel good and get instant results simply by walking in to any of our clinics. For any other questions/enquiries, do not hesitate to DM us at any of our socials @novuasthetics, and we’ll be more happy to provide you with more information!


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