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You say you want a skin revolution? Well, you’ve got it.

Welcome to a new democracy of effortlessly good skin.

Global beauty rebel NOVU Aesthetics has turned the traditional aesthetics industry on its head. Founded on the fact that everyone deserves access to safe medical aesthetics, we created an ecosystem of low-fuss, results-driven clinics, conveniently located all around the world.

Accountability and safety

Absolute safety, accountability and results lie at the heart of every NOVU protocol. The company has acquired its own R&D and manufacturing facilities in Korea to develop better treatments, equipment and products to bring the best practices and machines to our patients in Singapore and around the world. This vertical integration keeps our prices competitive while offering patients more options in skincare.

All NOVU doctors undergo a rigorous series of trainings and courses at our headquarters, and are regularly supervised by a board of senior medical doctors experienced in aesthetic medicine.

The NOVU Medical Board is also led by doctors who are experts in their fields. The Board governs our strategy, policy and practice – ensuring that the health and wellness of our patients are the utmost priorities of our endeavours.

A GLOBAL aesthetics revolution

Devoted to our mission to be the trusted, professional skincare and aesthetics provider, we own over 250 locations worldwide under our parent company, Novena Global Lifecare, in 20 countries like Spain, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Korea, Taiwan and more. No aesthetics company has performed more successful laser aesthetic procedures than NOVU. We are the most credible and established global player with over 6 million protocols done to date — and counting. 

We are true trailblazers in retail medical aesthetics through our trademark FastheticsTM system: Whereby safe, fast and effective doctor-approved treatments can be everyday indulgences — not just occasional treats or luxuries enjoyed only by society’s upper echelons.

Rather than dictate the skin goals and regimens of the busy urbanite, NOVU empowers each individual to adopt a rhythm of care that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. Feeding into today’s need for instant gratification, NOVU is dedicated to express, efficacious treatments, designed to integrate with modern day needs.

Embrace this new face of aesthetics

Be the revolution that is NOVU