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NOVU Aesthetics has unveiled the revolutionary HydroLift Facial, to achieve flawless, poreless glass skin. The 75-minute treatment aims at targeting various skin problems such as skin surface roughness and sensitivity, clogged pores and fine lines, and helping to regain its glow and luminosity from within.

Consisting in 6 steps in total, the HydroLift Facial is designed to give you the best glow up in the shortest amount of time. 

Step 1 - Cleansing the canvas

A cleansed and soft, subtle skin helps maximise treatment results by ensuring an effective delivery of products from the subsequent steps of the procedure.

The treatment first starts with a gentle milk cleanser. Containing Trehalose with no surfactants and no preservatives, the cleansing milk moisturises and softens the skin, gently cleansing the skin without over-drying. 

Step 2 - HydroCleanse with VORTEX

The treatment is followed by HydroCleanse, NOVU Aesthetics newest exfoliating treatment that uses a thumb-sized, vacuum suction nozzle, providing patients with a gentle, hydrogen-infused cleanse which removes dead skin cells and debris from the surface of the skin.

This step is also coupled with the machine’s ultrasonic spatula to further exfoliate areas with more stubborn debris. The device complements the gentle exfoliation by HydroCleanse by clearing out the remaining debris in stubborn corners of the face, leaving it thoroughly purged of dead skin cells and dirt lodged in pores.

Used with NOVU Aesthetics’s own Advanced Repair Toner, the HydroCleanse with ultrasonic scrubber leaves the skin blemish-free without stripping your face of moisture.


This step is a power combo of 2 technologies that aid in improving skin’s laxity and specific skin woes. Radio frequency energy (RF) is merged with LED light to promote skin rejuvenation and combat skin laxity through using heat and light stimulant to fibroblast cells, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

Radiofrequency (RF) works by using heat to trigger collagen and elastin production in skin’s deeper layers. The instant results: supple looking, lifted and refreshed complexion.

How does RF with LED light work?

RF with LED light works by delivering radio frequency energy into the facial skin via an electrode to target the epidermis, upper and lower dermis of the skin and different light treatments target specific concerns for added benefits and immediate results. The treatment provides patients with one out of three LED light modes - Red, Green and Blue. The light mode will differ from each patient as the light mode chosen is based off the individual's skin condition.

Red light allows deep penetration to stimulate collagen and restores skin’s elasticity.

Blue light prevents acne breakout by killing acne causing bacteria and balance grease.

Green light balances sensitive skin and improves dullness and strengthen muscles. 

step 4 - nano oxygen mist

After skin is thoroughly purified and toned, a Nano Oxygen Infusion is applied. This is a painless infusion that uses high pressure to infuse skin with oxygen and brightening lotion, complementing the cleansing and RF with LED treatments perfectly.

This step helps deliver hydration deep into the skin while also boosting lymphatic drainage, improving micro-circulation. The high pressure application of nano oxygen ensures that the skin cells absorb oxygen and bio-energy instantly, effectively accelerating the metabolism of skin cells.

Delivered with continuous short strokes the nano oxygen spray cleanses the skin and provides a layer of moisture after RF with LED treatment, giving skin a soothing moisture boost.

step 5 - Mask up to lock in moisture

Our hyaluronic powder mask works together with the Nano Oxygen Spray to help to lock in moisture, further giving the skin cells a hydration boost for a dewy, luminous glow. Containing hints of natural essential oils, the hyaluronic powder mask also helps to plump the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

The mask completes the treatment and tightens the pores, giving the face contours a cleaner, smoother and more sculpted radiance.

step 6 - Perfecting the indulgence

The NOVU range of medically-designed skincare works hand in hand with the protocol to support post-treatment care, helping to sustain the skin’s radiance.

Known for their effectiveness, the NOVU Enliven series is infused with superfruit Kakadu Plum, along with natural botanical and fruit extracts to repair and rejuvenate to keep the signs of ageing at bay for a lasting, youthful complexion while the Elemental range carries deeply hydrating essentials to plump up and smoothen the complexion. Fuss-free and efficient, both ranges are designed to repair the skin, synergising with the treatment procedure.

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