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Hydrogen is a key ingredient for many of our body’s natural processes, one of it being hydration.

Hydrogen – Could this be the hottest beauty ingredient right now?

The smallest things in life could pack the biggest punch, and the latest craze in the beauty world takes small down to a microscopic level. 

Dubbed as a powerful healing agent, hydrogen is also a fundamental element that makes up about 99 per cent of the human body. The reason behind the humble element’s potency lies within its antioxidant properties. They work primarily by reducing oxidative stress, the leading cause of most lifestyle related illnesses. 

Hydrogen's Basic Benefits

Drinking and even bathing in hydrogen-infused water has long been an obsession of the Japanese, who revere its youth-giving and health-healing properties. From hydrogen-themed spas to machines that infuse your home’s drinking water with hydrogen, the benefits of taking in hydrogen isn’t new. But why is hydrogen suddenly so hot?

Our body is made up of two-thirds water, with hydrogen making up two thirds of the composition of water.

Hydrogen is a key ingredient for many of our body’s natural processes, one of it being hydration. Our body is made up of two-thirds water, with hydrogen making up two thirds of the composition of water. Hydrogen, therefore, helps keep skin cells hydrated, allowing them to flush out toxins and waste effectively.

And guess what? Hydrogen could also be a secret weapon in our fight against skin ageing. That’s because the ageing of tissue in our body is believed to be caused by free radicals. Thankfully, pockets of hydrogen supply are also found in the tissue to help fight free radicals — a key cause of visible ageing. A healthy supply of hydrogen in our tissues not only keeps our body and skin detoxified and hydrated, it also effectively slows down the skin’s ageing process. 

Hydrogen for The skin

After all this talk about hydrogen, you must be wondering how you can indulge your skin with a dose of hydrogen. 

The skin is our largest organ and it is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (ROS) from the environment, pollutants and radiation. All these harmful external factors causes oxidative stress on our skin, leading to discoloration and pigmentation, causing your skin to look tired and dull. Molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant that reduces this oxidative damage while simultaneously fighting inflammation. 

NOVU Aesthetics’ latest treatment, HydroCleanse, is the newest kid on the block to make use of this tiny molecule to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. The treatment is aimed at deep-cleansing your skin, ridding it of excess dirt and oils while providing a moisture boost.

The treatment’s two-step procedure includes using a vacuum suction first to clear out dirt, sebum and other unwanted particles that gets trapped in your pores. This step results in a smoother, brighter and velvety-smooth skin that cannot otherwise be achieved by simple cleansing. HydroCleanse’s second step then re-hydrates your skin as the suction tip applies a layer of moisture onto your skin as it cleanses.


Zero Downtime

The treatment is non-toxic on the skin and calms any form of skin sensitivity with zero downtime and temporary redness that lasts  only about five minutes. With hydrogen stealing the crowd’s attention in the beauty world, the treatment rides on this wave as the newest, most effective way of detoxifying and hydrating your skin. 

Whether it is applying hydrogen onto your skin or consuming hydrogen-infused water, the benefits of hydrogen is no longer new and it’s about time to incorporate this fundamental life-building block into your life. Drop NOVU a call at 62561218 to find out how you can include HydroCleanse into existing procedures. 

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