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How to achieve effortlessly good skin in just 4 weeks

Keeping our skin in tip-top condition is hard work. From choosing the perfect medical aesthetic clinic to a 10-step Korean skin care routine, it’s hard to keep up and decide what’s best for your skin. However, there’re always beauty hacks and more effective ways to get long-lasting, effortlessly good skin without breaking the bank. Here is your cheat sheet to a skin transformation for a bright start to 2019:

Week 1: Bright beginnings

Kickstart a regime for a dramatic skin reboot to achieve your skin goals for the new year. After years of exposure to the elements – dust, harmful rays and substances just to name a few – skin pigmentation disorders, enlarged pores and wrinkles start to happen. These problems are caused by skin losing its natural repairing system and skincare products can only do so much as they are only absorbed by the top-most layer of your skin. This is where intensive, doctor-approved treatments come in.

Depending on your skin woe – pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles being two of the most common problems – treatments work by rejuvenating skin cells and restoring the skin’s natural repair system. The treatments at NOVU’s group of aesthetics medical clinics such as Glazo Gold and Ion Infusion helps with pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging cell renewal and penetrating deep into your skin to tackle skin problems at its root. With minimal downtime, treatments like that can help get your skin back to its glowing, radiant condition in just a few treatments or less.

Week 2: Home truths

Other than treatments, which is the most effective way of restoring your skin’s radiance, adopting an effective skincare routine at home is vital to maintaining your skin’s health. It is important to know your skin type and your specific skin problems. Cleansing, toning and moisturising aside, it is always good to slap on sunblock before heading out and incorporate an essence and using a mask daily (or at least thrice a week) to protect and give your skin the boost it needs.

NOVU Enliven Series

The NOVU Enliven range helps prevent early ageing by infusing skin with antoxidants to boost elasticity and resilience. In addition, treating yourself to a NOVU Bloomin’ Good Skin Regeneration sheet mask at the end of a long day will help soothe exposed to the elements and prevent acne while also controlling oil production.

Week 3: Lifestyle tweaks

Our lifestyles contribute heavily to our skin’s health. While treatments and skincare products can do their best to help keep our skin in good condition, healthy lifestyle habits help supply nourishment to our skin from within.

Hydration is key when it comes to keeping our skin radiant and supple and hence, loading up on water throughout the day, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and cutting down on processed or oily foods will be extremely beneficial to our skin. Fruits like oranges and berries provide great vitamins for your skin and boosts collagen production while avocados help reduce inflammation and quicken the process of blemish healing. Add a few servings of fruits a day into your diet or even a few slices of lemon into your water and see the wonders fruits can have in the long run!

Conversely, smoking and consumption of alcohol will deplete skin of its much-needed nutrients, leaving it dehydrated, dull and prone to breakouts.

Week 4: Beauty work outs

“Skin Gym” might be a relatively new concept to some people, but it’s relatively simple to understand. Just like how we work out our bodies to keep it healthy and in shape, our skin also benefits from regular maintenance to keep it in shape. NOVU’s Skin Gym concept includes a plan of nutrition, exercise and treatment for the skin and facial muscles that aims at keeping the skin’s youth and elasticity.

A Skin Gym regime, tailored for you by our NOVU doctors, involves a regular treatment and skincare plan to keep the skin toned, clear and radiant. While kickstarting your skin transformation could happen in just days, maintaining your optimal skin condition is hard work and requires a lifetime of time and dedication. But you know what they say, you only have one face so treasure it and take good care of it. For a personal consultation, whatsapp us at 92459226 or head down to the nearest NOVU branch to find out more!

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