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Gold in skincare: Midas touch or marketing myth

From gold under-eye patches to essences flecked with gold dust, it seems like every other beauty junkie has taken a shine to skincare infused with the precious metal. It also doesn’t hurt that the shiny stuff is completely Insta-worthy — if only we had a dollar for every model and influencer posting selfies of themselves looking like Oscar trophies.

But as glamorous as 24-karat skincare sounds, is gold truly the holy grail ingredient for dream skin? Or just another gimmicky marketing myth?

"Gold might be trending as a skincare ingredient, but it's far from being a newfangled beauty ingredient. It has shown to contain antioxidants, which helps fight damage like premature ageing caused by free radicals.”

A powerful multitasker, gold has the ability to lend a subtle luminosity to skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which may be beneficial to sun-damaged, sensitive or acne-prone skin. The gold rush doesn’t stop at just topical skincare and high-sheen makeup.

The NOVU Glazo Gold treatment is a gold standard facial — pardon the pun — for those seeking an instant glow, without burning a hole in their pocket. An upgrade from what was previously known as Glazo Peel, the new Glazo Gold treatment combines precious gold flecks with Carbon, Kakadu and Black Ginseng extracts infused into a concentrated glaze mask. This paste is then allowed to dry on the face, after which, the particles are removed with the use of a medical-grade laser.

Laser-ing off the carbon particles not only helps active ingredients penetrate better into the skin, to enhance absorption, so that they work more effectively to produce long lasting results. At the same time, this action also lightly exfoliates away dead skin cells on the skin to reveal a softer, smoother and instantly brighter complexion.

In addition, the heat energy of the laser is also able to shrink overactive old glands, which means small pore size and a more refined skin texture.

The addition of Kakadu, which is extremely rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, into the treatment boosts the skin’s natural collagen production. Together with gold flecks incorporated in the treatment, the new Glazo Gold Treatments gives you long term results even after the course of the treatment. The best part? The new Glazo Gold treatment has no downtime, making this the perfect lunch-time or pre-event quick fix, taking only 10 minutes of your time.

Gold might not be the Midas touch and the cure to all your skin problems, but it does have a long list of benefits that our skin will thank us for. Explore the market’s offering of skincare products that might cater to your skin needs and try out NOVU’s upgraded Glazo Gold Treatment. It might just be your skin’s knight in shining armour.


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