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Brighten skin with NOVU Ultra-C

It has been called many (glorious) things: the holy grail of skincare, an antioxidant powerhouse and a do-it-all.

We are talking about Vitamin C, of course. For years, doctors and nutritionists have been telling us how good Vitamin C is for our health. And so, we dutifully loaded up on citrus fruit and supplements to boost our immunity and keep the common cold away.

In skincare, the vitamin, sometimes known as ascorbic acid, is also a coveted ingredient.

The most important role that Vitamin C plays in this is how it works as an antioxidant. This means that it is able to neutralise the harmful (and ageing) effects of free radicals in your skin and also protect it from further damage. Because the super ingredient is said to help skin repair and regenerate itself, it is often used in anti-ageing serums and treatments because skin that looks as good as new is always, well, good news.

Vitamin C is also loved for its brightening benefits. It is believed to inhibit your skin’s natural melanin production and, in doing so, helps to slow down the formation of dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as even out skin tone. A dab of a Vitamin-C-enriched serum can sometimes work wonders on acne marks and scars, too. 

 You can also count on this vitamin powerhouse for its skin-firming properties. It helps to stimulate the production of collagen which is responsible for how taut and supple your skin feels and looks. 

Vitamin C works best in serums where the concentration of the ingredient is strongest. Also, because the vitamin breaks down easily in the presence of heat and light, it is best to use an encapsulated form of it. 

Brighter, better, younger skin in just 15 minutes

One of the best ways to enjoy the skincare benefits of this vitamin is to have it used and applied professionally in a face therapy treatment. For instance, NOVU’s new Ultra-C treatment uses a proprietary Vitamin C serum throughout.

Ultra-C Technologies

Ultra-C also combines the best of three proven technologies: Ultrasound, Cryo Infusion and Nano Oxygen Infusion Spray.


First, Vitamin C serum is applied on the face with an ultrasound probe. The ultrasound technology breaks down particles in the Vitamin C serums, allowing them to penetrate deeper and more effectively into your skin. As the ultrasonic waves stimulate collagen production, your skin gets an instant lift as well as an immediate after-glow. 

Cryo Infusion

Next, NOVU’s Cryo Infusion technology is used to accelerate the absorption of nutrients into skin. The probe produces a constant cool temperature, ideal for sensitive skin that tends to turn red easily. This step helps to minimise the appearance of pores, lock in moisture, smooth out wrinkles and reduce skin swelling and discomfort. 

Nano Oxygen Infusion Spray

Lastly, a painless, high-pressure Nano Oxygen Infusion Spray delivers oxygen and a brightening lotion deep within your skin. This helps to hydrate skin thoroughly, boost lymphatic drainage, improve micro-circulation and accelerate the metabolism of skin cells.

What you can expect from this effective 15-minute face treatment: less visible pores, a smoother complexion, brighter skin and firmer facial contours. 

Consider it time well-spent!

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