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Fact or Fiction of Tightening Skin

Hitting mid life and considering under the knife procedures to look like the younger you? You don’t have to.It’s time you check out the facts and fiction about tightening skin to get you started on the most suitable treatment.

Causes of Saggy Skin

Firstly, let’s understand the causes of saggy skin. Saggy skin is an indication of ageing, unhealthy sun exposure and toxin exposure. It starts when your skin starts to lose volume, and ends up with unwanted droopy skin. Another common cause is due to the skin slowly losing its collagen regenerating abilities, therefore losing firmness and elasticity. Lifestyle factors such as rapid weight loss and pregnancy also play a part as triggers for saggy skin.

Why Tackling Saggy Skin is Important

While it is inevitable to gain youthful immortality, keeping skin it its tip-top condition is still essential to look and feel good about ourselves. There is always an option for healthy skin, and not speed the ageing process.

FACT: Skin care products may not help you see the reverse change in saggy skin

Most skin care creams which claim to see instant lifting does not produce long term results. This is due to the skincare products containing astringent based ingredients to give the instant tightening sensation, which wears off right after a few hours. However, it is crucial to note that though skin care creams do not provide instant results, they assist in ageing gracefully over time, as they serve as a effective cell repair agent in post-laser care. 

saggy skin treatment

FACT: There are non-invasive treatments that give instant results

Surgical methods provide immediate results but they are invasive with potentially dangerous side effects. Hence, the best alternative to consider would be non-surgical technologies such as radio frequency (RF). RF energy is a utilises heat at a specific temperature and a specific depth to stimulate subdermal collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. This technique induces tissue remodelling and collagen and elastin regeneration. A frequency of at least once a week is recommended for RF treatment to see sustained results, depending on each individual’s skin conditions. 

FICTION: Only surgical treatments are available for skin tightening

Science and technology have advanced to introduce other alternatives to tighten the skin other than surgical lift. You no longer have to go through the route of invasive surgical skin lifts which has long downtimes and inconvenient side effects. Other alternatives such as laser treatments and firming creams are available in the market to create the same wonders that surgical lifts do.

FICTION: Facial exercises tighten the face

You may be under the perception that a workout, as much as they are good for your body, they assist in tightening certain areas of the face. The truth is however, over- annunciating your vowels is detrimental to other spots of the face leading to the formation of new wrinkles and is not effective in volume loss in the face.

Get your Dose of RF at NOVU

Fibrotaut treatment is a RF powered treatment in NOVU that works by delivering RF energy into the skin via an electrode to target the epidermis, upper dermis and lower dermis, stimulating collagen to give skin a subtle lift. The protocol includes deep penetration of heat, thereby tightening loose skin, especially around the cheeks, neck, jawline and around the eyes, to achieve a more contoured look. Additionally, Fibrotaut treatment assists in fading off neck lines and volumizing the face to give a refreshed, natural look. Click here to find out more about this treatment and get rid of saggy skin, laugh lines, wrinkles today!


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