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Dinner and Dance Beauty Checklist

The Little Black Dress also known as the LBD style, is increasingly popular nowadays. This look is used to flaunt and flatter your figure regardless of any shape. Get your hands on those Louboutins that your hands will kill for. Master the mermaid balayage hair at the tip of your fingers. Now the only thing that is preventing you from being the superstar of your company’s Dinner and Dance is your skin. 

Be it a sleek eyeliner or cherry red lips, especially when you are going to pile up tons of makeup on your face to beautify yourself on that very day, the more emphasis we need to highlight on getting the basics right!

K-Glass skin not coming your way? Relax! There is no reason to panic. Simply follow these insider tips and in time to come, you will be ready for every photo and slow dance away. Ready to bomb the photobooth with those awesome poses and smile you have?

get advices from a professional

Here at NOVU, we have doctors at our clinics around Singapore to examine and determine your skin concerns by providing you with the best type of treatment you require.

All laser protocols are conducted by NOVU doctors, who undergo a rigorous series of training and courses at our headquarters and are regularly supervised by a board of senior medical doctors experienced in aesthetic medicine. Depending on what your concerns are and what the doctor recommends, treatments can help improve your skin dramatically.

You can click here to find out more about the different treatments we provide so as to ensure that your skin is in safe hands before the event. Be photo-ready!

Water is your new best friend

Even a little lack of water can result in dehydration, making your skin appear dull. Everybody wants to have a radiant complexion while attending a Dinner and Dance right? So what are you waiting for! Ditch your Coke and Bubble Tea for good ol’ water. 

Getting used to the hydration habit now will ensure that you have fabulous looking skin in time to come. Your hard work will be paid off!

diet plays a part

While it may be tempting to go on a fat-free diet so that you can fit into your gown, totally eliminating fats from your diet is not good for your skin. You might end up looking pale and tired instead of looking fresh and radiant. We don’t think anybody would want to look like a living zombie. 

There are 2 types of fats in our diets, namely good and bad fats. In order to maintain skin luminosity, you should not leave out some good fats in your diet.

Olive, fish, raw nuts, seeds and avocados are some food with good fats that are beneficial to not only your health but your skin too.

Bad fats such as butter, margarine, beef and pork fat are food that you should try to stay away from if you aim to achieve that flawless looking skin. 

give your skin a good cleanse

Forgetting to remove your makeup can clog your pores and lead to acne. Face makeup can also be drying on the skin – especially when you leave it on for too long (a.k.a. sleeping with it). It is important to cleanse and rinse off makeup completely before going to bed. 

When the residue from makeup is left behind, it makes it harder for your skin to absorb moisturizers and serums you apply. Your skin needs to repair and rest too while you sleep so do remember to allow your skin to breathe!

solidify your skincare routine

Months before the event, a combination of exfoliation, hydration and skin protection can help reveal a healthier and smoother looking skin. This is especially important when you do not wish to see your makeup turn up looking rough. 

Start your morning by washing you face with a soap-free cleanser and applying a hydrating serum, followed by a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and higher before heading out. 

Double cleansing is recommended at night. We recommend using a proper makeup remover to remove all the products on your face followed by a treatment serum that exfoliates and hydrates. Top it up with a lightweight moisturizer. 

A month before the event, you can consider paying a visit to one of NOVU’s clinic to address any other lingering concerns that are still floating around. We recommend the widely popular Glazo Gold, P+ Phyto Laser and Ultra-C. 

Weeks before, we recommend sticking to products that are ‘tried’ and ‘tested’ on your skin so as to prevent any unnecessary breakouts from emerging.

On the week of the event, keep yourself as relaxed as possible by pampering yourself to a bath and whipping out a mask for your face. Most importantly, get your beauty sleep. Aurora wasn’t called Sleeping Beauty for nothing!

Before you know it, your skin will get in time to give the glow that all will envy. If your skin is already clear and healthy, don’t change a thing! Last minute changes to your skincare routine can cause unwanted results. However, if you want to enhance your skin, a few simple updates to your skincare routine can make all the difference. 

So go on to applying your best makeup look to accentuate your features but do not forget to apply a serum and a lightweight moisturizer beneath everything. 

look on point from head to toe

Colors, fabrics and other dress details can play a major role in highlighting or camouflaging your skin. Carefully selecting your prom dress style can also make a huge difference in magnifying or hiding little red spots that choose to make its grand entrance on your face.

Deep, daring v-necklines and open backs are two kinds of dresses that flaunt pimple-prone areas. Selecting a dress with a more modest neckline or covered back can be a lifesaver down the line if acne becomes a last minute concern. 

If you tend to get acne on the chest or back but still aim to go for that flirty look, it is possible to get this sense of allure with other gown designs. A shorter hemline or a dress with cut-outs can be great too.

Sheer panels are also excellent for hiding the acne flaw as it gives the illusion of exciting cut-outs but at the same time offering slightly more coverage. Dresses with hints of red can bring attention to any exposed skin with acne, so opt for cooler shades like blue and purple if possible. 

enjoy your night away

We hope that the above list gives you a heads up on what you can do to prepare yourself for this upcoming dinner and dance. Having taken care of your skin with all these important steps mentioned, there is nothing left other than looking fabulous and having fun. And just like that, it’s time to enjoy! Put on your dress, secure your earrings and make sure your phone is charged! Go on and enjoy this night to remember!

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