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Are laser treatments right for you?

In an age of instant gratification, the idea of radiant, blemish-free, even-toned skin in just minutes might sound too good to be true. However, with regular, gentle laser treatments that are over before you could recite the pledge, effortlessly good skin could truly be a reality. NOVU’s signature P+ laser treatment uses the tried-and-tested Q-Switched laser technology melded with our proprietary settings to achieve your skin goals with little or zero downtime.

 How? Unlike traditional facials which might take over an hour and involve painful extractions to clean out comedones and eradicate blackheads and whiteheads, the

NOVU P+ uses a non-ablative laser vapourises dirt, excess sebum and dead skin cells below the surface of your skin—in other words, obliterating environments that breed acne-causing bacteria.

 Moreover, the laser energy amps up collagen production from within, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and scars over time. The ultra-fast bursts of energy also penetrates the skin surface to target and shatter pigment cells, which leads to the removal of unsightly discolouration and clearer, brighter skin.

 Administered only by medical doctors who have undergone rigorous training with NOVU’s team of medical professionals, all our laser treatments are designed to be safe for your skin. While some naysayers may have suggested that regular laser treatments are harmful for your skin, “thinning” the skin over time, rest assured that our gentle P+ technology is designed to be non-ablative: After all, your skin can’t lie! Even P+ newbies will experience just a slight redness that disappears the next day after their first treatment. On the contrary, the laser energy targets the deeper layers of skin to strengthen it over time, for a smoother, more resilient and way more youthful complexion.

 Thanks to its high-speed energy, the P+ laser is also the most efficient facial tune-up for busy urbanites who are constantly on the go. Designed to be a pop in, glow out, session, the P+ can be squeezed into your schedule whenever you need a quick skin pick-me-up at any of our conveniently located clinics around Singapore.

 And because our P+ is at once gentle yet effective, it is suitable for most skin types*. The highly established protocol delivers pulses of energy into the skin, rather than its surface, which is why it is the perfect lunchtime treatment as it does not produce tell-tale post-treatment signs like skin redness or peeling. However, it is important to follow your doctor’s advice and moisturise, keep out of the sun, and apply sunblock every day following your treatment for effortlessly good skin, 24/7!

Walk-in to any of our clinics to experience your skin revolution today, or contact us here for more information!

*Please consult a NOVU doctor to determine if laser treatments are suitable for you. Certain laser treatments are not advised for those with certain medical conditions or darker skin tones.

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