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5 ways to banish tired looking eyes

They hardly ever leave you and only grow over the years — we’re talking about those pesky under eye bags and fine lines. These problems get a little worse with every all-nighter you pull, and each time you rub a little too hard while removing makeup. While late nights, dry weather, sun damage and makeup application are unavoidable, the good news is that tired looking eyes aren’t irreversible — and there are ways to help avoid and de-puff under eye bags and reduce fine lines. 

Up the moisture

Did you know that besides preventing dry eyes and protecting the respiratory system in general, hydrating the air in your bedroom with a humidifier or plants helps keep the skin moist and less prone to lines and wrinkles?

The number one way to prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles is keeping your skin moisturised, and that includes your under eye area. Choose an eye cream with a humectant like hyaluronic acid to draw the moisture in the air into your skin for a deep drink of hydration.

stimulate circulation

More often than not, puffiness can also be due to an accumulation of fluids when you sleep. Stimulating circulation is important to keep fluids out of the under eye area, especially if you are having a late night. 

Placing some metal spoons that have been chilled overnight in the refrigerator over the eye area can help minimise puffiness, as the cold temperatures helps tighten puffy skin and reduce inflammation. Using the rounded side of the spoon to massage your eye area also jumpstarts lymphatic drainage, slowly dissipating the fluids accumulated in the area. 

On the note of stimulating circulation, making sure that your pillow props your head up to avoid water retention in the facial region, and avoid sleeping on your stomach to improve blood and fluid flow around your body, preventing fluid from gathering beneath your eyes overnight.

never neglect eye creams

There is a reason for the hefty price placed onto eye creams – they’re essential in keeping fine lines at bay and reducing the appearance of under eye bags.

Eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, so they tend to be thicker. They contain more oil than regular facial lotion and have a lot of active ingredients aimed at tackling common under eye problems. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles can come from sun damage, age and the slowing down of collagen production by skin cells, and eye creams typically contain ingredients that help boost collagen amounts and alleviate the appearance of dark eye circles. Choosing eye creams that contain ceramide and hyaluronic acid also helps with the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles as these are moisturisers that help prevent water loss in the skin and improve elasticity over time. 

So whether it’s a collagen-rich eye cream or one that improves the appearance of dark eye circles, it’s time to step on the eye cream bandwagon and save yourself from the banes of under eye problems.

Watch what you eat before you sleep

If it makes you bloat, it’ll probably make your eyes puffy too. Aside from high sodium foods, carbohydrate-rich foods such as bagels, bread, pasta and the most sinful of them all – instant noodles, right before bed can lead to a bad case of water retention. Not only will you store liquid in your body overnight, the skin cells under your eyes retain fluids, causing swollen and puffy eyes the next day, especially if you’ve burnt some late night oil. 

Instead of those puffiness-inducing foods, opt for greens or unsalted nuts and avocados that are low in carbohydrates and salt and high in antioxidants. Aside from decreasing the chances of waking up with eyes swollen and puffy as pillows, they are also healthy bedtime snacks to fill your stomach.

Eye treatments

When all else fails, or a fast solution to your eye woes is what you seek, have no fear, for non-invasive eye treatments are here. With myriad eye treatments that all promise to brighten and lift up those tired looking eyes once and for all, it’s important to choose the most effective one that won’t cost you a hefty sum. 

The Eye De Puffer by NOVU Aesthetics, known for its effective, hassle-free treatments, tackles and eliminates all your biggest under-eye woes, restoring the fresh, youthful radiance your eyes deserves. 

In fact, the Eye De Puffer, having won the award for Best Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment at Her World Spa Awards 2019, is a 4D laser treatment for eye bags and wrinkles surrounding the eyes. 

Requiring no downtime, the therapeutic treatment is a non-ablative laser that provides a controlled and gentle “bulk-heating” to the treatment area up to the fatty layer of the skin. It stimulates collagen restructuring as well as improves production of new collagen fibres, and breaks down fat cells, resulting in tightened, eye-bag-free under eye area.

Whether it’s eye creams, watching your pre-bedtime eating habits or opting for eye treatments, the under eye area requires a lot more care than the rest of your skin. With the right lifestyle habits, skincare products and treatments, you can keep your eyes looking bright, fresh and youthful for longer than you think. 

The Eye De Puffer is available at  $158 nett and comes with a detailed consultation from our NOVU doctor, so the journey to a pair of bright eyes might be quicker than you think. Call your nearest NOVU Outlet now to set an appointment!

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