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5 myths about aesthetic treatments

Say what you will, but some among us may stick to the familiar route of traditional facials or, on the other end of the spectrum, decide to go under the knife for a dramatic makeover. Aesthetics medicine may not top one’s list of beauty options because they appear to be out of reach for those who aren’t quite hedge fund heiresses. Or perhaps the idea of non-invasive treatments may not be appealing as there is a misconception that protocols with no down-time cannot possibly yield visible results. However, the NOVU team is here to bust these common myths about aesthetics medicine, so you do not have to miss out on the skin revolution that is safe, fast and effective! Let’s get started:


Aesthetic treatments are expensive

It’s true, traditional aesthetics treatments tend to take place at chi-chic medispas and cost an arm and a leg in return for a lovelier face. Which is why NOVU decided to revolutionise the entire industry by offering treatments that do not burn a hole in the pocket, yet have been tested and proven to be safe and effective. And while many of us enjoying a pampering facial at home, it is difficult for a normal skincare routine to address the accumulation of skin cell damage over the years, especially when we are constantly exposed to pollutants in the air and harmful UV rays. Over time, skin cells lose their elasticity and we tend to waste a lot more money searching for high-end skincare products that might not cater to our skin’s needs. Aesthetic treatments are designed specifically for an individual’s skin problem and you will probably end up saving yourself time and money in the long run. Furthermore, aesthetic treatments stimulate your skin’s natural regenerative processes, keeping your skin radiant and flawless for a longer period.


Aesthetic treatments are painful

No pain, all gain! Most of our signature NOVU laser treatments like the P+ Laser are non-invasive and practically painless with advancements in aesthetics innovation and technology. Certain laser treatments like the Nd:YAG make use of light energy that can penetrate deep into the skin while leaving the surface and surrounding tissue unharmed, such that the process is fast and generally pain-free. One usually experiences minimal redness that subsides over a few hours or a day when undergoing the P+ Laser for the first time, and a light, prickly sensation.


Aesthetic treatments are only for mature skin types

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Aesthetic treatments do not apply only to the older generation as skin cells need constant care throughout the years. Many of us tend to ignore our skin problems when we are younger, thinking that topical skincare is sufficient to fend off the signs of ageing or sun damage. This intensifies skin problems and makes it a lot harder for aesthetic treatments to help reverse the damage. Undergoing aesthetic treatments early on reduces pigmentation and improves skin cells’ collagen production, preventing common problems such as ageing skin and fine lines as you age.


Aesthetic treatments will thin your skin

Another common misconception is that laser treatments will thin your skin. While that may be true for ablative lasers that resurface the skin to rid it of deep scars and uneven texture, there are other gentler, non-ablative options that target the deeper layers of the skin, leaving your skin surface unharmed while breaking down blemishes and pigmentation. Moreover, the energy emitted by the laser strengthens and boosts the production of collagen from within, thereby boosting and firming your skin so prevent fine lines, sagging and wrinkles with continuous care.


Aesthetic treatments don’t yield results

 There is a good reason why K-Pop and Hollywood stars swear by non-invasive laser treatments on a regular basis: It’s the ultimate solution for youthful, bright and even-toned skin. Multi-tasking aesthetics procedures like laser treatments may not require a stay in the hospital or a painful nip and tuck, but it is useful for targeting what NOVU calls the 3Cs of skin concerns: Colour, Consistency and Contour. RF Fibrotaut, for example, uses radiofrequency energy to lift sagging skin and stimulate collagen production for a smoother, tighter appearance that is natural looking, safe and involves no down-time. For an instantly lifted appearance, one could opt for the popular yet minimally invasive Thread Lift treatment that uses surgical threads for a subtle lift. Unlike traditional surgical facelifts, the downtime for Thread Lift is a lot more manageable with mild redness and swelling for up to just five days.

These are some of the most common myths about aesthetic treatments that have been heard through the grapevine over the years. Bear in mind that aesthetic clinics like NOVU offer thoroughly-tested, doctor-designed treatments that can be catered specifically to your skin concerns. Should you have any further questions, contact us today for a personal consultation!

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