NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Our Mission: To be the trusted, professional skincare and aesthetics provider, at every stage of our patients’ lives.

At NOVU, we are dedicated to provide the most advanced aesthetic treatments to enhance our patients’ skin health, including education on treatments, maintenance and preventive measures to protect the skin against harsh environmental, lifestyle and genetic causes of skin problems. 

The core philosophy at NOVU Medical Aesthetics is to build long-term relationships with our patients, as well as our business partners and our own staff.

Operating under Aesthetic Medical Holdings, NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic (formerly known as PPP Laser Clinic) is a global medical aesthetic care provider and a one stop solution for all your skincare and aesthetics needs.

With a track record of more than 6 million protocols done worldwide, NOVU’s slate of treatments are honed to be Safe and Effective. NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic emphasizes on providing quality treatment, excellent client service paired with cutting edge technology performed by qualified accredited medical professionals. NOVU’s headquarters, P Clinic is located at Paragon offering premier aesthetic services that address a wide range of complex skin conditions.

The Science and Technology behind Skincare

NOVU Medical Aesthetics Clinic is a vertically integrated biotech company and the only local aesthetics chain with its own R&D and manufacturing arm. NOVU’s in-house research and development work alongside an international panel of doctors that inform us of the latest aesthetic trends; our innovative engineers that apply physics to clinical dermatology to create our specialized medical equipment, and an international pool of in-house doctors that allows us to quickly hone our knowledge of different skin types and reactions across different regions/climates/environments. With over millions of protocols delivered globally, no other chain of aesthetic clinics has treated more faces than we have. Our expert knowledge in skin and our specialized medical equipment manufacturing capabilities allow NOVU to be at the forefront of innovative medical aesthetics, offering patients not only the most advanced skin solutions, but also the most value.

Technology is constantly advancing, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed when one starts researching. Any medical equipment or skincare product can only produce limited amount of results – simply lasering skin to get rid of a pimple and/or applying topical acne gel to the pimple, this is what we view as a one or two-dimensional approach towards skin.

Application of science and technology in skin health should be a 3-Dimensional approach where we rescue, renew and restore the skin. Rescue the skin from acute deterioration, renew the skin by eliminating the root problem and lastly restore the skin health to prevent premature aging; this is NOVU’s systematic approach to solving our patients’ skin woes, through a series of holistic treatments, products and services available at our established clinics.