Facials have long been associated with pampering oneself after a long and demanding week at work. Who doesn’t love facials? Nowadays, facials are offered anywhere, from salons to spas to clinics. Many things have been said about spa and medical facials, so let’s get the low down on this subject. What is the difference between getting a facial from a licenced medical aesthetician versus getting a facial in a spa setting?

Facials done at the spa are usually expected to be a pampering and relaxing experience. Skin issues may also be addressed but the ingredients used are geared toward comfort and soothing. The treatments may be effective but they may not be as strong and as potent as medical-based facials which are done at the clinic.

Medical facials may not be as relaxing and not as luxurious but it gives more attention to serious skin issues that need a clinical approach in order to achieve favourable results. Aside from prescription medicine, light and laser treatments may also be used to address serious skin issues. When you treat yourself to regular facials, the cell turnover rate ensues and this results to softer skin that is less prone to breakouts with fewer signs of aging.

What are your views on spa facials and medical facials? Let us know.

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