Everyone wants soft and smooth skin. However, sometimes large pores stand in our way. Pores are small openings which cover all of the skin on our body. Each hair follicle is surrounded by a tiny pore and these pores allow sweat to pass and keep us cool at the same time. There are many factors which cause enlarged pores on the face such as genetics, age, clogged pores, blockheads and sun damage.

Our genes are the greatest determining factor of pore size. Many people inherit thick, oily skin and these make the pores appear enlarged. Another determining factor is age. As you grow older, the skin loses elasticity, so it starts to stretch and sag making the pores on the face appear larger.

Excess amounts of oil and dead skin cells can also gather in your pores, making it larger than usual. In order to avoid clogged pores, it is recommended to have a good hygiene and to exfoliate regularly. By preventing clogged pores, you will also be preventing blackheads and acne. Consult your NOVU doctor now for the best treatments and products for large pores.

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