As we age, our once youthful and radiant skin changes and for many people it is quite difficult to maintain their skin. Things such as pollutants, harsh chemicals, not drinking enough water, highs stress levels, smoking, and a hectic lifestyle, to name a few, can cause your skin to lose its glow. Dull skin makes you look tired and older than you are.

In order to maintain healthy skin, one has to be very conscious about diet and lifestyle. It is a must to consume vegetables and fruits, exercise, and have adequate sleep. When your skin has a layer of dead skin cells on the surface, it will not reflect light naturally, as healthy skin does.

It is important to have a skin care regimen that includes regular exfoliation if you have dull skin. It is also necessary to keep your skin moisturized. When skin care is not enough, your NOVU doctor can help you find ways to improve your skin with clinical treatments.

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