Oily Skin and Pimples Treatment

The right solution for oily skin and pimples treatment had been a dilemma for decades. Oily skin and acne had also been the most common facial problem starting from teenage years and unfortunately if not controlled can cause a lot of serious problems such as post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring that is very difficult to treat.

Before acne can even get worse, it should at least be prevented starting from the root cause of the problem which is oily skin. Currently, laser treatments are very popular in shrinking the oil glands and thus preventing its production. A lot of hygiene is very important too. For acne-prone skin, it is a must that we should clean the face especially before bedtime and avoid using too thick foundation which could clog the pores causing breakouts. Wearing light makeup or facial products is recommended if cannot be avoided. The use of sun bock is also very important to protect our skin from the sun’s damage.

There are different kinds of lasers that could cure different types of skin problems that would suit variable skin types. Ask your aesthetic doctor about oily skin and pimples treatment so he may recommend you the best regimen.

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