Brown Spots on Face Treatments

Brown spots on face are a very common problem but could also be very challenging on the part of the doctor. The reason for this is that there are many skin conditions that causes brown spots. One of the most popular lesion would be “melasma,” which could manifest as brown patches of pigmentation on the face. It is also considered as one of the most difficult to treat since melasma is a hormonal problem. A lot of experiments were done to treat melasma and still topical treatments are one of the top solutions. Aesthetic procedures as well as lasers are also available in the market to cure melasma with proper diagnosis from your doctor.

To name a few, bulky lesions like “seborrheic keratosis” and “Lentigo” can also cause brown spots and are equally stubborn too but they are quite more responsive to lasers. There are in fact lasers that is best for bulky lesions like “seborrhea” and the rest of the lasers are good for superficial as well as deep pigments.

Asking your doctor about the best options in the market would be the best solution so that your doctor can assess the specific skin problem and offer you the treatment as well as the homecare regimen.

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