Best Pigmentation Treatment

The best pigmentation treatment regimen until now is very tricky because hyperpigmentation is one of the most stubborn skin condition that is a very common concern of patients who come to the clinic for facial/aesthetic treatment.

Talking about pigments, the root cause is not so complicated because we encounter it every day and it is the reason why we can see the beauty of the world. Indeed the sun is the main culprit that could worsen hyperpigmentation. Melanin production is active because of the sun’s rays. Apart from all the aesthetic treatments, it is a must that we protect ourselves from the sun by wearing sunblock every day with a coverage for both UVA and UVB rays and at least SPF 50. Without the use of sunblock, any other treatments may not work successfully.

Facial peels, topical ointments and even oral treatments are available in the market to battle pigmentation but currently, the use of lasers has proved to be very effective and fast for the treatment of pigmentation. Laser are of several types and ranges from non-ablative to ablative lasers depending on the type of pigment being treated. Your aesthetic doctor will assess the type of pigment that you have and recommend the best treatment regimen for you as well as the home care products that would complement your treatments. The best pigmentation treatment is still a case-by case basis after all.

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