Best Laser Treatment

When you are asked the question of what is the best laser treatment in Singapore, the answer would still be it depends on what is your concern. Just like any other aesthetic treatments, lasers are also of different types that could cure different concerns. Lasers have different wavelengths that specially penetrates the skin to target different concerns. For acne and oily skin, the laser should have enough penetration depth in order to target the oil glands and make it produce less oil.

Lasers also have the capacity to unclog the pores giving an instant facial and thus make the skin less acne prone. For pigmentations, superficial pigments make it easier for the laser to target but there are more ablative lasers too that could penetrate the deeper stubborn pigments as well as interfere its production.

The treatment itself could get very tricky because there are some pigments that could even get worse after being treated with the wrong type of laser. Before you even start with a treatment plan, you have to make sure that the laser is good for you, meaning, you don’t get any adverse reaction after the treatment so it is best that you get a trial treatment first and you need to plan it well with your doctor.

The best laser treatment is always available as long as you know what is the most compatible for you.

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